Are You In Search Of The Helmet Types? Here Is the Guide In Brief

motorcycle helmets

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider to ride the bike like a pro, buying helmets often confuse bikers. Finding a right helmet is not just time consuming but also a rewarding experience that bikers often come across. According to the reports, helmets not only save bikers life from any unwanted accidents but also protected them from head and neck injuries that people get with sudden jerks or minor accidents.

In the market, there are a number of styles available, but which one should you choose? No doubt, each model has some advantages and disadvantages. But, choosing the right one not only ensures safety but also complements your sense of fashion that has led you to this blog. See the helmet models and styles below and find a model that would fit your need and style-

1. Half helmets

Half helmets
Half helmets are the simplest form of helmets. You would find no side or chin protection and looks the best when you are driving custom bike or cruiser. Bikers find models like motorcycle skull cap helmets easy to put on and take off and you can leave the helmet on if you won’t bother it keeping so.

2. ¾ or open face helmets

open face helmets
This type of helmet protects biker’s head, neck, ears and eyes. If you prefer open face helmets, use a snap-on face shield while riding the bike. A pair of goggles can withstand the impact of the winds, rain or dust particles and protects the major parts of your face.

With this helmet type, bikers get the third most protection compared to full face and flip-up face. As the design goes, the helmet protects your ears and side faces, whereas chin protection is unavailable here.

3. Full face helmet 

Full face helmet
Protects the entire head, neck ears, face, chins and eyes. It offers most protection than any other types of helmet. It also acts as a utility piece to protect your head and face from rain, winds, bugs, dust particles and cold effectively.

Although, full face helmets need to be removed entirely from your head, if you want to drink or eat something. But, the best thing is that it would protect your ears from outside noise. Whereas, reducing the fatigue from the wind, it can help you to hear the sound better and keep you more alert. While protecting your eyes from the wind and dust particles, you will get better views while driving.

4. Modular type or flip-up helmet 

flip-up helmet
With this helmet type, entire head, neck, eyes and the entire face stays protected due to the wrap-around design of the helmet. Similar to full face, it protects your face from wind, rain, dust and other heavy particles. In addition to this, it comes one step ahead than the full face one by eliminating the need for helmet removal for drinking or eating.

5. Off-road helmets 

Off-road helmets
Motor cross helmets include an area to wear your goggles and even some novelty open face motorcycle helmets come with some graphic designs imprinted on it that gives you a cool look.
These are the various helmet types you would find at the stores. Whether you are buying a covered helmet or any other helmet model, don’t forget to keep the keep all these necessary points in mind.


Buying a Motorcycle Helmet? Here’s a Guide for You

Contrary to perception, buying motorcycle helmets is not easy as it may sound. There are many makes, choices and models available and top of that; there are big variations in prices. Whether you are new motorcycle rider or an experienced one, there are many factors to consider before getting the right helmets. Sure, it can be tempting to put fashion and price ahead of dull features such as safety standards, but you need to consider the complete package while buying a new helmet.

Harley Helmet Macquarie NSW

A full-face Harley helmet in Macquarie NSW is always recommended. Needless to say, the more coverage, the better and in these helmets, you are definitely going to have more protection. But not many riders go for this as most want to feel the open road as much as they can. While buying helmets, you will also have to ensure that they are comfortable as well as being capable of performing in different conditions such as rain, wind and frosty temperature. You might not know it, but your helmet is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of rider equipment.

According to a recent survey, motorcycle riders are actually 35% more likely to die in a crash compared to those driving a car. But by simply wearing a helmet, the number of road fatalities for bike riders reduced dramatically.

Ideally, there are three steps to choosing the perfect biker helmet – FIT, SAFETY and COLOUR


First and foremost, you need to check whether the helmet passes the safety standards set by your specific country or region. This is a great way to ensure that your motorcycle helmet is safe.


Needless to say, it’s important to find a helmet that fits your head. If it’s so loose that it comes off in a crash, even the safest helmets will fail you. Research shows that this happens for nearly 15% of motorcycle accidents.

Skull Cap Helmets

If your helmet doesn’t fit you properly, it won’t do a good job. Not only will it move around a lot, but it will also create problems with fatigue and even lead to tensions in the neck. Some of the things you need to remember are:-

You don’t want the padding of the helmet to move against the skin; you will want only your skin to move. If the helmet moves too much, it’s because it’s too big for your head. Helmets that are way too big are reduced in protection level by nearly 40%.
Loose fitting helmets increases noise levels which obviously is not helpful if you want to avoid hearing loss.
Compared to racing, a street environment is far more dangerous.
Invest in a good helmet; it will last you a good 3-5 years.
Refrain from buying second-hand helmets as it will already be pre-shaped according to the previous owner’s head.

Colour and Design

Another thing that you need to consider is the helmet’s design and helmets. Always go for a visible colour so that it gets easily noticed on the road or in traffic. Sure, matte black skull cap helmets with matching gear might look cool, but it won’t be very visible.

Low Profile Helmets – Reasons to Choose It over the Full Faced Ones

Half helmets or low profile helmet as it is commonly called are a common sight for those who like to keep things stylish along with ensuring protection while on the road with a motorbike. The coverage area of the half helmet is lesser than that of the full coverage ones and is often chosen according to the size of the head and is fastened with a safety clip at the sides of the cheeks. These helmets come with front snaps in some while the rest look like skull caps sitting snugly on the head.

Low profile helmets are a trend where both men and women love to own it, especially when they are out with friends as it makes a style statement. When comparing it to the full face helmets, it is known to be beneficial in several ways while making it the first choice for anyone who loves to look fashionable and breezy while riding a motorbike.

It doesn’t constrain the head

When compared to full face helmets, this one doesn’t sit back on the head. Long distance rides or continuous use of heavy helmets tends to give about headaches, neck strains and shoulder aches which are something absent with such low profile helmets. These are lightweight accessories that sit lightly on the head with allowing you to travel for long without having to take it off every once in a while

It makes a face feel comfortable during warm months

Riding a bike under the scorching sun can be extremely gruesome and challenging especially when the head and face is tightly clasped with a full face helmet. Stores dealing with low profile Harley helmet in Macquarie NSWBest_Low_Profile_ADR_Approved_Motorcycle_Helmet_1A__52995.1442820510.380.500.jpg too believe that these are known to make the head and face feel comfortable while making it breezy and comfortable. You do not have to witness a sweaty and sticky face after you are done with the ride and are finally removing the helmet.

It is something that is next to nothing

Several riders do not like wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike but have to wear it given the laws of the land. With such imperative rules to follow, they often look out for low profile helmets that sit lightly on the head without being overbearing and simultaneously protecting the head from injuries during accidents.

Gives a stylish look

While the half helmets sit on the head with ease, one can add to the style quotient by wearing shades of their choice which is likely to complement the look while protecting the eyes from the sun and the dust while on the road. There are several helmets that have air vents made on the head while contributing to easy air circulation and making the ride smoother and enjoyable without an extra baggage on the head.

Gives a stylish look

While the half helmets sit on the head with ease, one can add to the style quotient by wearing shades of their choice which is likely to complement the look while protecting the eyes from the sun and the dust while on the road. There are several helmets that have air vents made on the head while contributing to easy air circulation and making the ride smoother and enjoyable without an extra baggage on the head.

What Are the Popular Kinds of Helmets for Bikers?

These days, it can be quite confusing to buy motorcycle helmets considering there are so many of them available in the market. Trying to figure out which one is suitable for you can take some time because they all come in different colours and sizes. And then there are the manufacturers to choose from. Most people choose a helmet depending on their personality or the colour of their bike, and that’s a pretty good way to go about it. At the end of the day, you should like your helmet because that’s what you are going to wear every time you go out on your bike.

Skull Cap Helmets

Half helmets, for instance, don’t really cover your whole face. The just cover the top and side of your head. Sometimes it might also come with a visor and a face shield to keep debris out of your face. If your half helmet doesn’t come with these features, you might need to get yourself some goggles.

Similarly, skull cap helmets are extremely popular with the crowd. As the name implies, these are helmets which only covers the cap of your skull. The reason why they are so popular is that they are usually adorned with beautiful paints with designs such as skull, aeroplane motif, iron cross and several others. Although these don’t really offer much for protection, they are predominantly used for a show. These days, people are putting in a lot of emphasis on the attire they wear while riding a bike and a Harley helmet in Macquarie NSW certainly is an important aspect of it.

A Complete Guide to Helmet Purchase and Its Care

The law in most countries has made it a compulsion for motorcycle riders to wear helmets that are known to protect their head from injuries when they meet with an accident or a mishap while riding. The head what controls the entire body and damage caused to it often lead to permanent disabilities or even death. Therefore, it is essential to cover the head, especially where there are no other security measures that can be undertaken.

The first purpose that the helmet serves is protecting your head. You could consider decorating them later but keeping in mind the laws that may restrict you from doing so. You cannot just pick any random helmet that you get your hands on as they have to meet the safety standards as well as your choice. It should fit your rightly and not fall off causing added trouble. Here is a guide that could take you through while making a choice on the helmet that you should purchase as well as how it should be taken care of.

Avail Low Profile Helmet and Harley T-shirts

  • Check the Quality of the Helmet – If you visit a store for purchase, always ensure that the outer cover is hard enough to withstand the impact of the crash if at all you meet with an accident. The inner layer too is expected to be firm that would be able to absorb the shock thus keeping your head safe. Even if they are novelty helmets, these are the first things that you are to notice. You are to also check the presence 0of the chin strap that would keep the helmet in place without letting it fly off.
  • Abide by the Laws – All helmets that are manufactured for public use come with a seal and certification that makes it legal for you to take advantage of it. While you purchase it, you are to ensure that they meet the necessary requirements and thus curbing you from a legal hassle with the law enforcement.
  • Know When to Replace the Helmet – Most helmets after a certain time gets moulded according to the shape of your head while making the foam layer compressed and thin. This may not provide you with the right protection, and therefore, experts come up with the necessary advice of changing the helmet every 5 years to keep your head safe if you meet with an accident.
  • Avoid Buying Used Helmets – Even if you get to purchase a used helmet at the cheapest rate, avoid spending on it as it may not be a good deal for you. The one selling it may have witnessed a crash with it and thus may not be in good condition from the insides. Purchasing a helmet is an investment in itself and therefore you buying a good quality one would not just allow you to keep it for long but also ensure that you stay safe.

Match Your Biker T-shirts

  • Consider Adding Designs – You may be an avid rider and often match your accessories with the type of bike that you own. You may at times want to match your biker t-shirts with the helmet, and thus you could opt for helmet wraps or stickers on them. Even if you do, you are to keep in mind the local laws which often expect you to put the certification marks on display.

Novelty Helmets: the Badass Style Is Here to Stay

Riding the bike is not only a style, but it is something that is like a drug to the bikers. If you are a true Harley-Davidson fan, then you would certainly love the ‘novelty helmets’. As the name suggests, the helmets are all about being novel and has a sophisticated look with a grandeur essence. But still, it is commonly called the ‘badass style’. Well, the bad boy image of bikers will never go out of fashion, and this is something that makes the helmets all the more a rage among the youth and old alike.
There are a few things that bikers will relate to, and when it comes to selecting the best helmet to fit the requirements safety is a priority, but the style is something that just cannot be sidelined. For a better insight, just read on.

Your baby loves Harley:

Well, don’t take it literally, but yes women swoon over Harley helmet in Macquarie NSW. They just love it. If you don’t believe it, then go ahead and see for yourself the smile on your girl’s face as she sees the Harley Davidson helmet on you. Well, the glory of Harley is simply because of the unmatched macho appeal it exhibits. The style is simply wow and will make the girl go weak on her knees if you can carry it off with a daredevil personality. If you want your girl to die in your arms swooning over your ruggedness, then shop for novelty helmets, now! Make sure you pick the best one that will make you all the more irresistible to her.

Harley helmet in Macquarie NSW
                   Harley helmet in Macquarie NSW

Stylishly safe:

A lot has been talked about the style of the helmets. However, safety is also a priority, and while purchasing one, you should never miss out on the ‘safe’ factor. When you select a style, also make sure that it fits great and gives you comfort throughout the ride. Just because some of the helmets are light and do not meet the ADR standard, don’t underestimate the quality and sturdiness. The ‘novelty’ skull cap helmets are stylish ones, strong and protective enough without the ADR certificate, but when it comes to usage, it is fabulously comfortable and classic enough to grab eyeballs down the road for all the right reasons. Yes, when you are looking for comfort and style and want to look fab for the gal, then the novelty skull caps are the one for you. Safe, fashionable, elegant – what more can you ask for!

Pinstripe – The novelty that cannot be missed:

Do you have the Harley helmet in Macquarie NSW with pinstripes? Well, pinstripes are a form of art on the bike helmets and are more likely a status quo for many. Bikers believe, “If you have it, flaunt it” and the pinstripes are such a lavish form of show, that the biker can brag about it all day long! It oozes your individuality and distinctive nature. Not every type of biker can flaunt this kind on the road. If you believe you are different from the rest, go for it, and grab the eyeballs with your bold and blatant attitude.

Material Quality – The Final Check:

If you are a lover of Harley, then you don’t need to bother about the metal quality. It is awesome and amazing! However, since the popularity of the novelty helmet has increased rapidly, it is essential to look into the quality of the materials used for making sure that you get a premium grade product that not only looks breathtaking but lasts long enough. Most of the products are built using plastics or fibreglass for ensuring better protection and an appeal that is way cooler, making you even smarter!

So, be the bad boy but keep yourself safe with the right helmet!